A SPOKESMAN for the controversial Mynydd y Betws windfarm has rejected a local councillor’s claims that Celtic Energy Renewables are breaking the law.

Commenting on windfarm lorries traversing the Betws mountain road, Cllr Annette Price said they were breaching regulations by not having any tyre-washing facilities.

And she also maintained that a lights system was required where windfarm lorries were crossing the road. But Rob Fellows, of Celtic Energy Renewables, insisted there was a tyrewashing facility at the site’s main access.

“We’ve been fully compliant with all conditions from day one,” he said. “As for having a lights system on the road, I’m afraid Cllr Price is wrong again.

“When you have something as detailed as a windfarm you simply have to conform to the most stringent guidelines.”

Betws councillors -– who have been constantly at loggerheads with the windfarm operators – say lorries are continuing to damage roadside verges.

Cllr Anne Sizmur said a county council officer had told her she had every right to complain, but added that he hoped a Welsh Assembly grant could resolve the issue in the next financial year.

Alderman Arnallt James revealed he had recently visited the windfarm site and had been pleasantly surprised.

“What I saw was neat and tidy and had been fenced off,”

he said.

“I would suggest that councillors should raise their concerns with the county council’s enforcement officer and get him to visit the site,”

added Mr Fellows.