An Upper Brynaman dad has vowed to turn his life around, claiming his did not want his son to see him as a drunk.

Antonio Danato D’Angelo, of 63 Arfryn, pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly and possessing cannabis when he appeared at Llanelli magistrates court.

The 25-year-old was arrested by police at 9.40pm in Ammanford town centre on August 12 after they had repeatedly warned him make his way home because of his drunken state.

Prosecution solicitor, Ellie Morgan, told magistrates the D'Angelo was spotted by police on patrol staggering across Ammanford Square and onto Wind Street regardless of the changing traffic lights.

She said: “The officers approached him and told him to get on the pavement and make his way home for his own safety."

D'Angelo was told to order himself a taxi to take him home, but as officers watched he walked up to the door of a residential property and knocked on the door.

""The owner opened the door but did not seem to know who he was," Ms Morgan said.

“He then was then seen going to another house.

"He walked up to the door and kicked it. The officers could see the door shake."

D'Angelo was arrested and during of his clothing, the officers found a small amount of cannabis, worth approximately £2.

Defence solicitor Steve Lloyd, said the arrest had cost D'Angelo his job as a building site labourer.

"This was the final straw as far as his employer was concerned," said Mr Lloyd. "They had had enough of his behaviour."

Mr Lloyd described how D'Angelo's drinking had also cost him his relationship.

"The root of his problem is alcohol and it has been a significant issue in his life," said Mr Lloyd.

“He now he has his drinking under control. Although he is still drinking he now has a stop button.

“He does not want his two year-old son to have a drunk for a father.”

Mr Lloyd also told the court that D’Angelo is actively seeking work.

Magistrates granted D'Angelo a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered he pay £85 court costs and a £15 legal surcharge.