An Ammanford pit bull-type terrier saved from the executioner’s needle just three months ago has proved that magistrates were right to lift her death sentence by raising funds for charity.

Tia – and owner Jacqueline Marie Lynch – of 9 Fynnon Las took part in the Race for Life in Swansea on July 27 and raised £262.50 for cancer research.

Three-year-old Tia went before the court in May where she faced a request from Dyfed-Powys Police that she be destroyed under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

However, a desperate plea from Jacqueline, 37, swayed magistrates’ hearts and Tia was saved.

At the hearing, Jacqueline described her shock on learning that her beloved pet was a pit bull-type terrier that was required to be registered by law.

Unregistered pit bull-type dogs are destroyed.

Following Tia’s confiscation by police, a Force dog handler tested her behaviour and found her to be “friendly and well-behaved”.

That view – along with Jacqueline’s plea – saved Tia’s life, and – subject to some strict rules imposed by the court – saw her heading home to her family.

Since the hearing, Jacqueline has been determined to prove Tia is no menace – and, on the contrary, is a loving and affectionate pet.

And the delighted pooch has been only too happy to prove her worth, including taking part in the sponsored walk.

“I am so proud of her,” said Jacqueline.

“I am a very passionate and responsible owner dog owner.

“Tia is an amazing dog and that is the result of how I’ve brought her up.”

When it came to race day, Tia stole the show in her pink tutu, happily mingling with thousands of people and other dogs.

“Tia was dressed up for the occasion and lots of people took pictures of her.

“She was fabulous and we raised £262.50.

“It was a great day.

“Tia received a medal for taking part in the walk, but from what she has been through over the past few months I think deserves gold.”

The dynamic duo plan to raise more money by entering charity walks in the future.