An Ammanford teen caught with a lock knife in the town centre during the early hours has claimed he had only bought the blade to go fishing.

Patrick Daniel Morgan, of 3 Harold Street, was stopped by police in College Street at 12.25am on June 24 while carrying a rucksack containing the four-inch bladed knife, beer and a hooded top.

Ellie Morgan, prosecuting, told Llanelli magistrates how police on patrol stopped to speak to the 18-year-old but became increasingly concerned by his demeanour.

“He appeared to be very nervous and would not make eye contact with the officers,” Ms Morgan said.

“He had glazed eyes and was physically shaking.

“He would not engage in conversation and repeatedly asked to be allowed to continue on his journey.”

Morgan told the officers he had drunk two cans of beer earlier and was on his way to a friend’s house.

Due to his agitated state the officers decided to search his bag, where they found bottles of lager, the knife and the clothing.

In interview, Morgan said he had bought the knife solely to use while fishing.

“I have not been fishing with it yet, but that is what I bought it for,” he said.

He added that he had intended to go fishing a few days earlier but had cancelled the trip and had forgotten that the knife was in the bag.

“I thought I had taken it out,” he said.

He also told officers that he was unaware it was illegal to carry a knife even though his father had warned him that he should not take it out in public.

“I regret having it in my bag at this time of night,” he told police. “It was a mistake and it will not happen again.”

David Elvy, defending, told the court that Morgan was previously of clean character.

“He was nervous about being stopped by the police as he had previously had no interaction with them whatsoever.

“When he went out that evening he needed a bag. He thought he had taken the knife out of it, but clearly he had not.

“It was a simple mistake,”

Morgan admitted possessing a bladed article in a public place.

Morgan was fined £90 and ordered to pay £85 court costs and a further £20 legal surcharge.