Wool against Weapons needs your help to knit a mile of pink scarf.

The scarf will be the Welsh contribution to a Peace Protest against nuclear weapons on the anniversary of the Nagasaki bomb on August 9.

Carmarthenshire knitters are needed to knit lengths measuring 60cm by 100cm long – about 2ft x 3ft – in any shade of pink.

Bring your knitting along to a fun day set to take place at Capel Newydd Vestry and garden, Crescent Road, Llandeilo on July 26.

There will be lots of entertainment, live music, story telling, cakes and speakers such as Jill Evans MEP at this bilingual event.

Entry is free - children are welcome too!

If you can't come on the day, you can bring your pink knitted pieces to the Llandeilo Green House Shop, or contact Sue Davies at Wool against Weapons on 01558 824017 or email smbdavies@btinternet.com or ring Pat Gill 01269 595538 or email p.gill@cooptel.net. See Wool against Weapons on Facebook for more information.