A BIRD-loving Amman Valley granddad has been reunited with his beloved rare pal four days after it escaped - thanks to a tweet.

Exotic bird breeder Will Rees was feeding one of his Guinea Turacos when the bird - a colourful fruit-eating native of West Africa - escaped the pensioner's clutches and took flight over the Amman Valley.

“I was devastated and didn’t know what to do,” said the 89-year-old who lost his wife of 67 years earlier this year.

“I’ve had birds since a very young age, they are part of my life, and they helped me through a very difficult few months.

“Turacos are rare birds. This particular bird is one of only two pairs in Wales,” he said.

“They have no stomach, so I didn’t think it had the slightest chance of surviving.”

Fearing the bird was lost, Will contacted neighbour Jamie Davies, who used the power of social media to raise the alarm.

Jamie, who administers the Amman United RFC Twitter account as well as his own, made the most of his online contacts, tweeting his followers to stay eagle-eyed in his search for Will's bird.

Incredibly - and against the odds, the bird was spotted alive and well four days later up in a tree in Twyn by Dee Jordan.

Dee was aware of Will's lost bird thanks to the Twitter plea, but was unable to make contact with Jamie, who was away on a stag weekend, so she again turned to social media and the internet.

She and a pal put their own call out on Facebook urging the bird's owner to come forward.

People from all along the valley were noticing the online posts and within a few hours, a delighted Will was reunited with his Turaco.

“I couldn’t believe it," said Will.

"I turned up at the house and there he was flying around the conservatory.

“I have no idea how she managed to catch him. I am so grateful to the whole community for coming together for me.”

Jamie was overjoyed to hear the news when he returned home.

“I had received a few messages on Twitter while I was away, but didn’t see them until I got back.

“However it soon got back to my wife that the bird had been found, who then roped in my auntie and grandmother to get Will to Twyn.

“Between them and the power of social media, Will was finally reunited with his beloved bird.”