A Llandybie dog-lover is to be given the chance to go before magistrates in a bid to save his pet from the needle after he admitted the animal had killed and injured numerous sheep on a neighbour’s farm in December.

Paul Williams, of Caegarw Farm in Glynhir Road, wrote to Llanelli magistrates pleading guilty to a charge of being the owner of a dog which had “worried livestock”.

In reality, 46-year-old Williams’ pet had killed ten sheep and injured another eight.

Associate prosecutor Lisa Jones explained how the dog – which was not named in court documents – had visited nearby Caeglas Farm on December 12, 2013, and terrorised the flock.

In his letter to the court, Williams admitted he was the owner.

“My dog disappeared from the house and followed the sheep that were outside my house that morning,” Williams confirmed.

“The dog followed them back to the farm.”

Williams added that, upon realising what had happened, he had visited the farm personally, but when he received no answer, had left his contact details.

Mrs Jones said the farmer had calculated the cost of the killed and injured sheep at £1,070.

In his letter, Williams pleaded for an opportunity to have the dog re-homed rather than put to sleep should the court decide to consider having the animal euthanised.

Mrs Jones confirmed that it would be the prosecution’s intention to apply to have the dog destroyed.

Williams will be given the opportunity to plead his pet’s case at a hearing in Llanelli on June 19.