RESIDENTS of Garnswllt are kicking up a stink about a sewage stench.

They say it is so bad they cannot go out in their gardens and have to keep windows permanently closed.

Pat Foster, of Lon-y- Felin, said: “We’ve complained loads but nothing ever seems to get done.

“Down the street where my step-daughter lives it’s absolutely horrendous.”

Former community councillor Nick Weeks has complained to Dwr Cymru about the nearby sewage works.

“Having worked with farm animals I know the difference between silage, slurry and human sewage,” he said.

“And this is human sewage. It can be stomach-turning — like an open cesspit.”

A Swansea City Council spokesman said: “The sewage works at Garnswllt is a traditional open treatment works and, from time to time, the processes used there can release odours into the environment.

“Council Pollution Control staff have attended and agreed improvement actions with Dwr Cymru .”