A CONCERNED dad is warning parents to be alert after his 12-year-old daughter was harassed by four men on her way home from school last week.

The incident, which is being investigated by police, happened at around 4.30pm on April 29 in Waterloo Road,Capel Hendre, and is thought to have been witnessed by a number of motorists.

The man – who does not wish to be identified – said his daughter had alighted from a bus bringing her home from Ysgol Bro Dinefwr when she was confronted by the men walking up from the direction of Capel Hendre Square.

“She turned around when she saw them looking at her and then noticed they were following her,” he said.

“When she broke into a run they started chasing her – she ran out into the road to try and get away from them.”

The dad said his wife, who had arrived in a car to collect their daughter, spotted her in distress and swerved in front of the men to allow the girl to jump into the vehicle, shouting at them as she did so.

“Three of the men were dark skinned and the other was olive skinned,” said the dad. “I do not wish to alarm anyone, but at the same time I think people should be informed.

“I’m frustrated because the police do not seem to be taking it very seriously. I’ve also reported the matter to her school, but they haven’t got back to either me or my daughter."

A police spokeswoman said: “Police are investigating a suspicious incident reported at 4.40pm on Tuesday, April 29.

"The incident occurred in Waterloo Road, Capel Hendre. Four males described as being between 25 and 30 years old ran across a road towards a young girl who was waiting to be picked up.

"The males did not say anything to the young girl but she felt intimidated by them. The incident was witnessed by the mother of the girl.

"Anyone who witnessed the incident is asked to contact Ammanford Police on 101.”