LLANDYBIE community councillors have pledged to renew their efforts to try and get a pedestrian crossing on the busy A483 in the village.

Such a scheme has been discussed for the past 15 years, but now councillors hope to get a crossing under the government-backed scheme Safe Routes in the Community.

Cllr Anthony Davies suggested to colleagues that – following repeated failed attempts in the past – it was time the council changed tack.

"We've been trying to get this crossing for so long that perhaps it's time for a different approach," he told them. "The Safe Routes in The Community is county council-run and would be in partnership with the community council as well as Llandybie Primary School.

Cllr Davies said if the council could match-fund it would be "the carrot to put in front of them". He added: "I want to try another way to see if we can finally get this crossing."

His fellow county councillor Anthony Jones agreed that the case for a crossing would inevitably be strengthened "morally and financially" by the community council's support, with both he and Cllr Davies acting as community co-ordinators.

Cllr Jones added that while such a crossing at Heol Gwilym would cost £25-30,000 there was also a case for providing another on Blaenau Road as there were two entrances to the school.

Cllr David Hopkins said: "I cannot over-emphasis the danger of that spot, especially in winter when the sun is in drivers' eyes.

"If there's anything which can save a life we have to try it – if the South Wales Trunk Road Agency do not agree to this at least our own consciences will be clear."

Cllr Alun Davies disclosed he was trying to get a safe route established at Capel Hendre Square. "People are walking to school from Lotwen Road," he said. "On some days it's like Russian roulette there and I have raised my concerns with the Head of Services."

It was agreed to support the scheme subject to costings being confirmed.