MP Jonathan Edwards is stepping up his campaign to sort out incomplete housing estates.

He has invited Cllr Tegwn Devichand, Carmarthenshire County Council’s Executive Board Member for Housing, on a tour around the constituency’s "numerous" incomplete estates in an attempt to demonstrate how the unfinished estates are "plaguing" the community.

Mr Edwards said many of these estates had been left with no street lighting, unfinished pavements, and incomplete and un-tarmaced roads.

As a result, roads cannot be adopted by the local authority, and residents are forced to take their refuse to the entrance of the estate for collection.

Mr Edwards said residents were paying the same level of council tax but not receiving the same level of service.

The Carmarthenshire East and Dinefwr MP said he had written to both the Welsh Government and the county council, but both appeared to be passing responsibility on to each other.

Mr Edwards also said serious consideration should be given as to whether planning permission should be granted to developers with a track record of not completing developments.

“My constituents in these housing estates have invested significant sums of money – probably the largest investment of their lifetime in their new homes and have a right to enjoy them fully," he said.

“In the majority of cases, my constituents can’t fault their homes and believe they have been built to an excellent standard. But they and their families are forced to live with incomplete roads and pavements, and have no street lighting or refuse collection.

“I’ve therefore invited the Council’s Executive Board Member on a brief tour of these estates in order to see first-hand the condition of the incomplete estates in the area. The council needs to fully realise the situation my constituents are in.

“Given the number of incomplete developments in the county, and the length of time these developments have been left in their state, I think the time has come for local decision makers to consider whether planning permission should be granted to developers who have a track record of not completing their developments.”