MP JONATHAN Edwards has congratulated the former Visteon workers who have campaigned for the pension he says they rightfully deserve.

Workers at the former Ford factory in Swansea, transferred to Visteon in 2000 with assurances the pension they had built up would also be transferred.

In 2009/10 workers were told this was not the case when the firm went into administration and some risked losing up to 50 per cent of their entitlement. Visteon workers maintained that Ford, as the parent company, was liable to meet the difference.

A campaign led by the Visteon Pension Action Group was quickly established with support from some Amman Valley residents who were also affected.

With just months to go before the pension group took Ford through the courts, Ford has offered a settlement for the years the pensioners were employed with the company.

Mr Edwards, a member of Westminster's All Party Parliamentary Group for the Visteon Pensioner's campaign, said: "This cross-party campaign started when my predecessor, Adam Price, was the MP and it finally looks set to conclude after a five-year-long campaign.

"I want to put on record my congratulations to the campaigners for their determination and the manner in which they have fought for what is rightfully theirs.

"As I understand it, everyone will benefit from this settlement. That may not have been the case if the matter had proceeded through the courts.

"I'm pleased to have supported the campaign but this is a victory for the campaigners themselves. It is their efforts in taking on a multi-billion company that deserve to be recognised.

"Now that Ford has made this offer, I hope my constituents will see a quick and satisfactory resolution so that they may enjoy the retirement they hoped for after years of loyal service."