Walkers who discover blocked public footpaths should report the issue to Carmarthenshire county council rangers, members of Gorslas community council have been told.

The comments came after councillors raised concern over a number of footpaths in the area which had been blocked or been made impassable due to residents living close to the paths chaining aggressive dogs near entrances.

“This is a long-standing problem,” council clerk Elfryn Williams told members.

“There are a number of paths which have been blocked and at least one where there is a very intimidating dog tethered very close to the path – people are simply too afraid to go past it.”

Following visits to the various paths identified, county council rangers called on members of the public to report such incidents.

“This is ridiculous,” said Councillor Ellis Davies.

“Surely the fact that the rangers have been there and seen the dog is enough for them to take action.

“Why do they need the public to complain before they are willing to do anything when they know there is a problem?”

Mr Williams agreed: “If a ranger goes there and gets abuse you’d have thought it would be enough, but they want members of the public to report it.”