AN AMMANFORD fundraiser has had his rear end inked, all in the name of charity.

As reported in the South Wales Guardian (January 29), Nick Francis from Heol Llwyd, Tirydail was auctioning off space on his behind to the person who donates the most cash for The Prince’s Trust charity.

The highest bidder went to the London student’s father, Phil Francis, with his incredible £200 bid.

Nick then made the journey back home to Ammanford from London, where he is currently studying music industry management, to have his father’s name permanently etched onto his bottom by an Ammanford tattoo artist.

Nick is part of a team of London Met fundraisers who are fundraising for the Prince’s Trust annual competition, Million Makers.

“The idea is that universities all over the UK compete to raise as much money as possible for the charity,” said Nick.

Nick came up with the tattoo idea and then decided to get a heart inked on his bum to coincide with Valentine’s Day.

However, the cheeky student wasn’t content with just that, he decided on a different approach to gain more interest, by auctioning off his bum.

“It certainly had the desired effect,” said a bemused Nick.

“I’m amazed by the response I’ve received, I’m so grateful to everyone who has supported and sponsored me.

“All the publicity and donations, has only gone on to highlight the fantastic work of the Prince’s Trust, so it has all been worth it.”

The 24-year-old also decided to raffle off a second place prize, this person having their initials inked below the heart.

“That prize actually went to my auntie Michelle Rees,” said Nick.

“So I now have two family names on one of my bum cheeks.”

“My family think I am a bit mad, but they know what I am like and they all know it’s for a great cause.”

The support of his family plus further sponsors takes the current total to £1,347.

“I’m amazed by the amount raised, and money is still being donated,” said Nick.

The student, along with his fellow charity fundraisers, hold their main event in London this week, taking the form of a variety night with stand up comedy, fashion/drag catwalk plus DJs.

Nick added: “We are hoping after this event we may hit the £2,000 mark.

“I would personally like to thank everyone who has donated, the support from the public has been amazing.”

If people still want to donate, they can until February 28 on the team’s JustGiving site at