The ongoing saga of the notorious Gorslas “chicane” has moved a step forward after it was confirmed the local authority will remove the road feature next month.

However, members of Gorslas community council were left dismayed when told that once the “pinch-point” on Cefneithin Road was removed it was likely to be replaced by a speed bump.

Councillor Ellis Davies, a long-standing opponent of the traffic management scheme, told fellow councillors no measures were necessary on the short stretch of road.

“There is no record of a serious accident there and the police have confirmed that there is no record of any speeding issues there,” said Cllr Davies.

“There is no need for a chicane or a speed bump.”

Cllr Wyn Edwards added: “Speed bumps are usually used in built-up areas, but there you have a parcel of land between two built-up areas.

“The problem with a speed bump will be that someone will hit it hard and than in itself will cause an accident.”

However, Cllr Terry Davies stated that a youngster had previously been knocked down close to the spot of the current chicane.

“What we have objected to all along was the chicane,” he said.

“The chicane is going to be taken away and the county council will wasn’t to put something there because it is part of the Safe Routes to School scheme.”

Councillors agreed to write to Carmarthenshire county council requesting that once the chicane was removed no other feature be installed to replace it.