EVENTS at County Hall are moving at such a rapid rate some of us are having to run to keep up.

Given the strength of the demands from senior figures, it seems likely that a formal police investigation into two allegedly unlawful transactions identified by auditors will be launched.

Now is the time for cool heads and strong leadership. If a police investigation is indeed commenced, leader Kevin Madge’s first step must be to suspend beleagured Chief Executive Mark James so that the council can run smoothly without distraction while the inquiry takes place.

Then, and only then, can things be allowed to move forward and, by wrestling the controls from officers on the flight deck, Cllr Madge at least will have given himself the belated opportunity to set a new course – albeit one which might still end in disaster.

Tycroes’s Calum Higgins believes the authority should accept the Auditor’s recommendations to stave off the frightening possibility of a costly fight in the courts.

If not, he warns, “Carmarthenshire will find itself in the position of arguing with the referee, which we all know is a no-win situation”.

A more appropriate analogy might be that of a petulant batsman remaining at the crease even though the umpire’s finger has been raised.