A Brynaman fraudster has been jailed for eight weeks after he admitted using his former girlfriend’s bank and internet accounts to buy himself shoes, clothing, electrical appliances, phone top-ups and home-delivery takeaway food.

David Michael Young, of 21B Cwmgarw Road, pleaded guilty to using accounts belonging to ex-partner Zena Jenkins between June 26 and August 5.

Llanelli magistrates were told how 23-year-old Young ran up bills totalling £330.80 after the couple had separated.

Elli Morgan, prosecuting, described how Young set up fake accounts in Ms Jenkins’ name on internet auction site eBay and online payment facility PayPal using bank details and passwords he had gained when the two were a couple.

Magistrates heard how Young ordered various mobile phone accessories on June 26 and next day used the accounts to pay for a mobile phone top-up.

On June 28, Young used Ms Jenkins’ Just-Eat account to order £27.48 of takeaway food.

He spent another £17.99 on home-delivered meals on July 1 as well as ordering £35 worth of clothing from JJB Sport.

Next day he spent £34 on a shoe website.

Between June 26 and August 5, Young used Ms Jenkins’ accounts to order 11 phone top-ups totalling £47 as well as numerous other items.

Young arranged for all goods and paperwork to be delivered to his home in Cwmgarw Road.

Young was arrested on August 27 and various items were recovered from his address. He initially denied the offences but eventually admitted all charges during a second interview on Christmas Eve.

“This was a series of offences – a spate of offences – detailed within a single charge,” Ms Morgan told magistrates.

When interviewed, Young told police he had copied the details of Ms Jenkins’ eBay and PayPal accounts during the year the couple lived together.

He told officers: “It’s obvious I did it. I knew the passwords from when we were together – I used to buy things using them.”

Young said he had initially denied the charge as he was subject to a suspended prison sentence imposed for a domestic violence offence.

Ms Morgan told the court that the latest incident was the third breach of the suspended sentence since it was imposed in July 2012.

In relation to the likely outcome of the hearing, Kate Williams, defending, said: “He is fully aware of the situation he finds himself in.

“He lost his job following the ABH conviction and after the breakdown of the relationship he was on Jobseekers Allowance trying to support himself.

“He used the accounts to purchase things he felt he needed.

“He originally agreed to pay the money back to avoid coming to court, but he failed to do that because he was on Jobseekers. Events have overtaken him.”

Probation officer Tim Jenkins told the court it was “difficult to see how we could progress with the suspended sentence order given the number of breaches that have occurred”.

Magistrates told Young they would activate eight weeks of his previous suspended sentence.

He was also jailed for eight weeks – to run concurrently – for the offence of fraud.

He was given an additional 21-day concurrent sentence in relation to unpaid fines.