A 38-YEAR-OLD Ammanford woman who has been subject to three police raids on her property in a matter of months welcomed officers into her home on their latest visit, a court has been told.

A drugs swoop was planned on Caroline Wita’s home at 53 High Street for 6.30pm on December 7, but when officers arrived they were handed a small quantity of cannabis by Wita.

A search of the property and outbuildings was carried out but no further drugs were discovered.

Ruth Meyrick, defending, told the court that when officers arrived at Wita’s home they found the back door already opened for them.

“The police walked into the house through the open door and as soon as they were inside she handed them the drugs,” said Ms Meyrick.

“She co-operated with the police as soon as they arrived.”

Following her arrest, Wita told officers she smoked the drug for pain relief and to help her sleep.

“She uses the drug because she suffered severe injuries after being the victim of a serious assault some years ago,” said Ms Meyrick.

“She has tried conventional medicine but so far without success.”

The cannabis was valued at £6.

Ms Meyrick told the court that Wita had been subjected to three raids in recent months, all resulting in the discovery of similar amounts of cannabis.

The two earlier offences had resulted in Wita being made subject to conditional discharges.

She admitted possessing 1.26 grammes of the Class B drug.

Magistrates fined her £60.

The court also overturned the discharges and imposed a £40 fine in relation to one of the previous offences and no separate penalty for the other.

Wita was also ordered to pay £50 court costs and a £20 legal surcharge.