A hysterical Garnant barmaid assaulted two police officers before escaping from handcuffs following an incident at her home, a court has been told.

Kacey Helen Lane, of 53 Hendre Road, appeared before Llanelli magistrates to admit assaulting PC Gemma Davies and PC Matthew Harries during a confrontation at 4.30pm on December 12.

The court was told how two officers attended the 22-year-old’s home following reports of a disturbance and spoke to two males in the front garden.

Meanwhile, PCs Davies and Harries went into the property to speak to Lane.

“She was abusive and drunk,” prosecutor Gerald Neave told the court.

Lane attempted to push past PC Davies in a bid to confront one of the males outside.

However, when PC Davies blocked her path, Lane began screaming and lunged at the officer, grabbing her by the stab vest and radio.

Both officers attempted to restrain Lane, but without success.

“She was hysterical and extremely angry,” said Mr Neave. “She kicked PC Harries in the thigh.”

Despite the officers taking Lane to the floor, she “continued to resist and behave violently”.

“She was kicking and lashing out, and shouting abuse in the officers’ faces,” said Mr Neave.

“She had to be forcibly removed from the property, but continued kicking out.”

During the melee, PC Davies suffered a six-inch graze to her forearm.

Lane was eventually handcuffed and placed in the rear of a police van before being taken to Llanelli Police Station.

However, she was somehow able to free herself from the cuffs during the journey and continued kicking out and shouting abuse.

She continued acting aggressively while at the station and was placed in the cells.

Clare Sherwood, defending, said Lane had been “deeply disturbed” by her own actions when told the details of the incident.

“She had consumed a large amount of alcohol and remembers very little,” said Ms Sherwood.

“She and her partner had been drinking at the property when an argument erupted and things got worse from there.”

Ms Sherwood described how Lane had experienced a troubled upbringing.

“She has had difficulties in her life, but she is trying desperately to get herself back on track,” said Ms Sherwood.

“She is struggling to make a fresh start and put away those demons which have hounded her.”

Magistrates told Lane that they had decided to go “outside the normal guidelines” of the court in sentencing her.

“We think you are growing up,” Lane was told.

She was subjected to a 24-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £25 compensation to PC Davies for the injuries caused.

Lane was also ordered to pay £50 towards court costs and a £15 victim surcharge.