BETWS community councillors are pressing ahead with their bold plan to make Betws Park an alcohol-free zone – despite being warned they face a long and drawn-out legal process.

Community clerk Cerith Griffiths explained why the process to obtain a Designated Public Place Order would take several months.

"We have to evaluate and evidence the problem and liase with community partners such as the fire service and police," he said. "There's only one DPPO in the whole of Carmarthenshire at present – banning the drinking of alcohol on the streets of Llanelli."

Mr Griffiths added that residents' views would be sought once the matter entered a period of consultation. "I don't know whether we'll get this DPPO, but we will keep pressing," he said, adding that the council would only have to pay for advertising.

"It should be the duty of the county council to pay that because it's their park," commented Alderman Arnallt James. "That's a fair point," replied Mr Griffiths, "but the problem is here in Betws."

Cllr Anne Sizmur praised colleague Cllr Dewi Branch for bringing the matter to the attention of the county council last month.

"Some years ago we had to close the park because a vagrant was living rough there," recalled Cllr Annette Price. "That park was closed off to the whole of the village but such a scenario would not have arisen had the park been an alcohol-free zone."