THE cannabis factory discovered in a former Ammanford bank cannot have been there longer than two months, town councillors have been told.

PC Kevin Jones, speaking to the councillors at their meeting, said the fact that the building was formerly occupied by Cash Solutions, a gold and jewellery-buying business until June, meant there had been a twomonth window for the factory to be established.

Cllr Wendy Evans commented: “It’s funny people didn’t see these people coming and going PC Jones said: “How many people would think of challenging someone carrying boxes into that property?

“It wasn’t until one of our sergeants saw a rented van outside the old bank in the early hours of the morning and two and two suddenly became four.”

He added that ever since a similar factory was discovered in Garnant’s old Workmen’s Hall, police were advising landlords and letting agencies to remain vigilant and keep a close eye on empty buildings.

“It’s not as if these gangs are just targeting Ammanford,” he said.

“They are all over the place – this is a multi-million pound business.”

● Four men, all from the London area, have been arrested and charged with cannabis production. They are due to appear at Llanelli court again later this month.

● We have been asked to point out that Edward Kirkup, of Llandeilo, is not the Edward Kirkup charged for his alleged involvement with the Ammanford cannabis factory.