AMMAN Valley residents have been warned to expect road disruptions over the autumn, due to the arrival of a number of abnormal loads at the Mynydd y Betws wind farm.

Delays are expected as sections of the towers and turbine blades arrive at the site over the coming months.

The movement of the larger components to the site is scheduled to begin with the first major escorted load on Monday, September 10.

Having undertaken a trial run in July, plans have focussed on minimising disruption while the components are transported through Pontardawe and the area near the site entrance on the outskirts of Cwmgors.

Residents in the area will receive a flyer outlining the route locally and details outlining how to get more information.

Developers have said that deliveries will be timed to avoid peak traffic hours and arrive on site during mid-morning and early afternoon.

The components will be transported under police escort and travel to the site on weekdays only.

The blade sections will be travelling from S w a n s e a docks, while tower sections and turbines will come from the east, via the M4.

T h e planned finish date for the operation is October 31, although this may be subject to change due to bad weather or other possible unforeseen delays.

Motorists expecting to use the A474 throughout September and October are advised to keep up-to-date with the latest information throughout the transportation period.

Local radio stations will be provided with updates on the deliveries.

The latest information will also be available via Twitter and a dedicated hotline. The number to call is 0845 262 6229 and for Twitter updates follow @Mybwindfarm.

The full schedule of movements will soon be available online at