CAMPAIGNERS opposed to a Sainsbury’s supermarket in Llandeilo are calling on Welsh Assembly chiefs to hold a public inquiry.

It follows the local authority’s decision to approve plans for the supermarket on land between the A40 trunk road and the Beechwood Industrial Estate.

While the move, which will create hundreds of jobs, has been welcomed by some residents, opponents maintain it will kill trade in the town.

Tim Shaw, of Save Llandeilo’s Future, claimed the planning application approved by councillorswas “radically different” from the original plan submitted.

“This is not so much about whether you’re for or against a Sainsbury’s, it’s about fair play in decision-making. And it is quite clear we have not had this from Carmarthenshire,” he said.

“Carmarthenshire’s decision to approve an edge-of-town Sainsbury’s near Llandeilo is so riddled with irregularities that it cannot be considered a valid planning consent.

“I think we can demonstrate this if only we can get this called in for a public enquiry.

“Councillors could not possibly know what they were voting for as the information supplied was substandard and deficient in many respects.”

He said Sainsbury’s had more than doubled the plan area, while excavated material to elevate the supermarket out of the floodplain would cause serious flooding problems downriver.

But local councillor Ieuan Jones maintains jobs are the main issue in a community where unemployment is high.

During a charged debate in the council chamber, he said Llandeilo had a large number of young people and families who could only be classed as deprived.

More than 500 jobs will come to the area if the Welsh Government rubber- stamps plans for the Llandeilo store and a second Sainsbury’s in Cross Hands.