A TOWN councillor fears there is not “a snowball’s chance in hell” of saving Llandovery’s Ysgol Pantycelyn, which is due to close as part of Carmarthenshire county council’s sweeping education reforms.

The school – along with Llandeilo’s Ysgol Tre-gib – is to be replaced by a ‘superschool’ at Ffairfach, although opponents believe such a move would create traffic problems and have a negative impact on Llandovery.

Since a judge refused an application for a judicial reviewinto the case, members of the Ysgol Pantycelyn Action Group have pinned their hopes on a second oral hearing in the High Court.

But Cllr Haydn Hudson told colleagues on Monday night that he now felt the school’s fate was sealed.

“I get the feeling we don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of keeping Pantycelyn open,” he said.

“We’ve always tried to save the school, but I don’t think it’s possible any more.”

However, mayor-elect Jill Blud said the group’s barrister felt campaigners stood “a better chance” when their case was outlined in London.

“He must feel this is worth pursuing, having come this far,” she argued.

Cllr Robin Ennion said it was important the town council – which had earlier pledged a donation of £5,000 towards funding to pay YPAG’s legal fees – ensured it would not be held liable for costs should the case be thrown out.

Cllr Edgar Jones felt councillors should be seen to be supporting campaigners until the bitter end.

“I don’t think we should withdraw our support and that townspeople should see we are supporting the Pantycelyn group a far as we can,” he added.

Members agreed to a proposal from Cllr Helene Lovell that the sum of £1,000 should be made available immediately.