BETWS community councillors have again expressed their unhappiness at what they maintain is an “unacceptably high” number of heavy lorries using Maesquarre Road during the construction of the Mynydd y Betws windfarm.

In what proved another tense meeting, members again clashed with Cambrian Renewable Energy representatives Rob Fellows and Noel Gallagher, who insisted planning conditions had not been breached.

Trouble flared after Mr Gallagher maintained the number of lorries carrying deliveries of stone up the mountain had dramatically decreased.

Cllr Loreen Lewis said she had counted 14 trucks in one day and Mr Gallagher’s reluctance to accept this figure prompted Cllr Annette Price to remark: “We’ve heard of the Bermuda Triangle – well, this is the Betws Triangle where things mysteriously disappear into thin air.

“Let’s talk sense, gentlemen, we’re not stupid. At least have the courtesy to be truthful with us.”

Mr Gallagher suggested the lorries were not involved in the construction of the windfarm. “I myself have seen other trucks traversing that mountain,” he said.

Pressed by Cllr Price on whether the windfarm operators were allowed to quarry stone on the mountain, MrGallagher replied: “In accordance with our planning conditions, yes.”

Mr Fellows said they were having to adhere to strict conditions. “If you have concerns, I would suggest your clerk contacts the county council’s enforcement officer,” he added.