AMMANFORD schoolkids as young as six have been “banned” from enjoying an afternoon runaround for fear of injuring themselves in the playground, the Guardian has learned.

Concerned parents have been left fuming after it emerged that youngsters at Ysgol Bro Banw’s junior school site on High Street are no longer allowed outside midway through the afternoon sessions “because of the potential for accidents”.

“I am absolutely outraged,”

said one parent who asked not be named.

“It seems that children are no longer allowed to be children any more.”

“Playing and running around are just as important to a child’s development as their lessons in class,” said another.

“I’m really not happy at the thought of my kids being kept indoors all afternoon.

“We are constantly being told about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and staying active, so to keep children in doors all afternoon is simply ridiculous.”

However, Ysgol Bro Banw headteacher Meryl Davies dismissed the claims.

“I am surprised to hear of the parents’ concerns because since its inception, Ysgol Bro Banw has never had an afternoon break for juniors,” said Mrs Davies.

“Neither staff nor children have any afternoon break at all. A morning break is factored into the school day, but if you also had an afternoon break it would extend the length of the school day.

“The children have what is called Classroom Moves in the afternoon because we recognise that children cannot concentrate for long periods.”

Mrs Davies said that although in the past the local authority-devised Classroom Moves programme had seen youngsters allowed out into the playground that was no longer the case. “The teachers no longer take them on the yard because of the potential for accidents,”

said Mrs Davies.