AMMANFORD Pensioners Hall opened its doors on Christmas Day for people of all ages in the Amman Valley who were spending the festive celebrations alone.

Organised by members of Ammanford Evangelical Church, the community Christmas Day meal has been held annually in the town centre for over 20 years and has become very popular with guests returning year after year.

Coming from a number of locations, the idea behind this special event continues to ensure that no one is alone on the big day.

This year, new families joined the gathering to enjoy Christmas Day in a friendly environment.

Those in the community who were not able to afford a full dinner were provided with a free three-course meal and transport when the alternative would have been an empty home and perhaps an empty plate.

Sammy Davies, Pastor of Ammanford Evangelical Church said “ I was overwhelmed by the number of people willing to give up a significant portion of their Christmas Day to help out and serve in so many ways.

“I’ve never experienced such a positive response from the guests.

“This opportunity could not have run without the help of the number of volunteers that gave up their time on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve to set up the tables, give lifts, cook and wash up with many inspired to help those in our community.”

The meal saw around 80 people in total get together to celebrate in each other’s company through food and carol singing.

In addition for 2017, a puppet show entertained the crowd and each person was given a gift.

Nathan Jones added: “I have been a volunteer at the Christmas Day meal for nine years since the age of 14 and have been inspired every year.

“I always enjoy being part of the team which saw almost 30 volunteers contribute towards a great afternoon in 2017.

“It is great to help others less fortunate and make the Christmas period better for them.

“Seeing regular faces come back annually and leaving with a smile on their faces.

“We look forward to welcoming guests to the dinner next year.”