A GARNANT rehoming centre has been busy providing the perfect Christmas for its precious pooches this week.

Greyhound Rescue Wales has been rehoming around 100 former racing dogs a year since 1993.

Spider, a three-year-old Irish-bred greyhound, retired from racing in March.

When he arrived at Hillcrest he was a fearful dog, keeping as far away from people as he possibly could.

Following many weeks of skilled and patient work staff and volunteers have gained his trust and supported him to start enjoying life again.

Rehoming manager Dave Griffin said: “He still shows signs of anxiety but, gradually, he has come to trust human hands - especially when they offer treats.

“He also shows a great deal more wag in his tail, which never fails to bring pleasure to those around him.

“We are so privileged to work with these dogs. It’s wonderful to re-train them, reaching out with affection and helping to prepare them for home life. They all have such different characters and we believe there’s a greyhound for everyone.”

Wales-wide organisation Greyhound Rescue Wales opened its Hillcrest rehoming centre in Garnant in 2013 following a large bequest.

Hillcrest is run by rehoming manager Dave Griffin, as well as a number of part time staff and an invaluable team of volunteers.

GRW founder Alain Thomas said: “We take in ex-racing greyhounds who are usually aged around four or five, as well as younger dogs who are often injured and some older dogs who have had a life after racing but whose owners can no longer keep them.

“We also take in lurchers, greyhound cross breeds. Greyhounds and lurchers make wonderful pets.

“We believe in honesty and full support for our adopters, which is why we have introduced more rigorous assessments that allow us to paint a broader picture of our dogs and determine what they may need in their adoptive homes as they transition from the track to life as companions.

“As well as aiming to permanently rehome the hounds in our care, we also look for fosterers who have the time and space to help our ‘Last Hope’ dogs, who have suffered an injury and need home comforts and very gentle exercise while they recover.

“The downtime between Christmas and New Year can be an ideal time to think about adopting or fostering and to research the right dog for your lifestyle, and we welcome anyone wanting to find out more to Hillcrest by appointment.”

If you think you have the right home for Spider or want to find out more about adopting or fostering a Hillcrest hound, contact 0300 0123 999 or info@greyhoundrescuewales.co.uk