A 'dangerous' bull which was on the loose in Cross Hands has been killed.

Police warned people to not to approach the 'dangerous' beast and and to stay inside their homes while they attempted to contain it. 

The bull had escaped from Cig Calon Cymru has now been 'humanely destroyed'.

Dyfed-Powys Police said they received a report of an escaped bull at approximately 10.30am this morning.

"The bull was extremely agitated and deemed a danger to the public, who had been warned by police not to approach the animal and to remain inside their properties," A spokesperson said.

"The animal travelled from Cig Calon to Black Lion Road.

"The road had to be closed to protect the public.

"A number of options to safely contain and deal with the bull were considered but none were found to be feasible and so after seeking advice from experts the only safe option left was to humanely destroy the animal at approximately 11.35am."

Black Lion Road has now been re-opened.