A brave nine-year-old girl helped save her mum’s life by using her own instinct and calling the emergency services.

Skylar Flynn called 999 when her mum Sarah Davies was suddenly struck down with an illness on October 8.

“I woke up at 6.30am as I do every morning and I was feeling sick, shivering and I didn’t really know what was going on,” said Sarah, originally from Ammanford.

“I asked Skylar to pass me the digital thermometer and my temperature was 41.

“She used her own initiative and rang 999 and texted my dad as she could see I was really unwell.

“A paramedic began instructing her on the phone and she was following the instructions amazingly and she just kept so calm.”

After being in resus for over 18 hours, doctors informed the 30-year-old that she had pneumonia in both lungs and her body went into shock.

The mother-of-three suffered with pneumonia as a child and she is so proud of Skylar and what she did in her moment of need.

“I can’t scream enough positivity about what Skylar did for me,” she said.

“My two-year-old son Jac was also in the house and she had him to stroke my hair while she was listening to the paramedic.”

“It was like we swapped roles and she became the mother and I became the daughter.

“She took full control of the situation and the paramedics said that Skylar had saved my life.

“Skylar has had a tough life after having meningitis at six-weeks-old, as well as other health problems, so I have no words to describe how proud I am.”

Student lecturer Sarah is still recovering and is on medication to help her recovery.

Ysgol y Gwenllian Year 5 pupil Skylar added : “I learned about calling 999 in school and I think it is very important that children should ring the ambulance if it is an emergency.”

To recognise her extraordinary behaviour Petals in Tycores picked Skylar to become the recipient of their ‘Girl Friday’ last week.

The florist chooses a deserving winner every Friday and presents them with a bouquet of flowers as an award.