The first set of twins to be born at Glanamman Cottage Hospital have reunited to celebrate a milestone birthday.

Margaret and Mary Davies were born on May 13, 1942 to Enid and Evan, who thought they were only have one child.

The sisters grew up in the Amman Valley with one older sister Christine and two younger brothers Robert and Daniel.

“We had such a wonderful childhood up the valley and we got on very well as sisters,” said Margaret.

“Our gran used to take us to church regularly and we would be asked to give a sing.”

The duo performed a rendition of ‘Whispering Hope’ to their families when they met up last week, which left tears in the eyes of relatives.

Life started to change for the twins when they both got married. Oldest twin Mary got married 58 years ago to Gordon Evans and Margaret tied the knot a year later to Glyn Jenkins.

“My husband was a mining engineer and in 1966 we migrated to Australia for his job and I still live there now,” said Margaret, who still carries a Welsh accent after living in New South Wales for over 50 years.

“I never thought I would move from Wales. I think I cried for the first year, but I love it now and it’s where my family are.

“I have two children, seven grandchildren and seven great-children in Australia,” said Margaret, who is still a regular reader of the Guardian, even from Oz.

After not seeing each other for over two decades, the twins have recently met up along with their loved ones.

“When I found out Margaret was moving away all those years ago, I was devastated but we have stayed in touch,” said Mary, who has two children and six grandchildren and lives in Upper Tumble.

“When she walked into my house it felt unreal.

“I always like to remind her that I am 20 minutes older, even after all this time.”

The twins turned 75 in May and the family hosted a party for the twins at the Cennen Arms on October 21 to mark the occasion.

Margaret flew over 10,000 miles for the reunion along with daughter Juliet and two of her grandchildren, who were both born in Wales.