LABOUR representatives who campaigned to safeguard the future of Ammanford Town Hall and Old Library are celebrating after Carmarthenshire county council confirmed they are no longer considering selling the two sites.

Thousands of local residents and traders signed the joint Unison-Welsh Labour petition calling on Carmarthenshire council to safeguard the future of Ammanford Town Hall and the Old Library, with employees also staging a ‘walk out’ last month over the plans.

The revised Agile Working Plan was considered by the Executive Board on Monday, with new plans to close Parc Amanwy in Ammanford.

The plans could mean some staff being asked to work remotely and share desks.

Deputy Labour Leader, Cllr Rob James said: “We would like to thank the thousands of local residents and businesses that supported our campaign to save Ammanford Town Hall and Old Library.

“It is fantastic to hear that both buildings will now be retained by the local authority.

“Whilst it is pleasing to hear that the Executive Board have listened to our concerns over the initial proposals to close both buildings in Ammanford, we are disappointed that they are now considering disposing of Parc Amanwy.

“Frankly, this policy has been mishandled from day one and the latest news provides little reassurance to staff members.”

“The council’s new proposals would see Parc Amanwy close, with hundreds of staff members being affected by changes.

“Our focus continues to be ensuring that we prevent jobs leaving our town centres.

“These new proposals are projected to impact even more staff members than the initial proposals, with very little detail of where these employees will be based.

“It’s a fantasy to state that all jobs in Parc Amanwy will continue to be based in Ammanford.

“More staff will be asked to work remotely, with a diminished service to taxpayers and further pressures on our overworked employees.

“With the Executive Board Member’s refusal to rule out closing Glanamman depot in the future, this Plaid-led council pose a serious risk to the future economy of the Amman and Gwendraeth Valleys.

“We will continue to fight against this policy and we hope that local residents across Carmarthenshire will continue to support our efforts on this matter.”