Llangadog residents have won their fight to stop plans for a ‘foul’ 32,000 free-range hen unit.

But their celebrations may be short-lived as the owners are encouraged to consider a different location.

The plans for the unit on Godre Garreg farm, which would have included space for packing thousands of eggs, were rejected at a planning committee meeting last week.

There were 79 objections and a more than 1,700-signature petition, with complaints focusing on smell, proximity to houses and increased traffic.

Residents - some who live as close as 17 metres from the proposed site - expressed their anger at the plans and turned out to protest at the site meeting on October 3.

South Wales Guardian:

One resident, who lives opposite the entrance to the farm, said: “I have been in farming all my life and am well aware that at certain times farming practices cause smell and noise, but I am sure that this area will not have witnessed anything on this scale.

“This development is huge and could be seen as of industrial proportions.”

Another added: “To allow a foul, industrial scale unit to be sited near our small village with all the associated pollution, noise, increased traffic and detrimental impact on the natural environment in terms of air, land and water pollution would not in any way be in the interests of the local community.”

Members of the planning committee discussed the plans following the site visit.

Despite being recommended to approve the plans, nine of the 12 councillors rejected them.

South Wales Guardian:

Speaking after the plans were rejected, one resident said: “We are happy but we don’t feel it’s over yet. We’ve won the battle, not the war.”

Chairman of the planning committee Cllr Alun Lenny said: “This has been an exceptionally difficult case and I am aware it has caused some discomfort in the area.”

He had described the application as ‘one of the most difficult I can recall in terms of balancing both sides,’ but suggested the applicants consider a different location for the unit.