Staff members and Carmarthenshire Labour Group held a walk out last week as the future of Ammanford Town Hall and the former library remains uncertain.

Carmarthenshire County Council is believed to be considering closing four offices across Carmarthenshire as part of a scheme seeking to modernise the authority’s use of its buildings.

The closure of the two buildings could see "67 jobs affected" according to Unison and Carmarthenshire Labour Group.

During the protest, Mayor of Ammanford Councillor Colin Evans said: “It is important to send a clear message to Emlyn Dole that the people of Ammanford do not want the town hall to close and that there is no need for another administrative centre in Ammanford.”

Cllr Pam Harris added: “On behalf of Ammanford Town Council, we are reflecting the views of the people of Ammanford who have huge concerns.

“The closure of the buildings were discussed in the last town council meeting and it was unanimously decided to write to the executive board to stop the buildings from closing.”

Unison were also present at the walk-out.

Branch secretary of Carmarthenshire County Unison, Mark Evans said: “Members of the public have been kept in the dark and have not been consulted about the future of these buildings.

“Removing the town hall from the third biggest town in Carmarthenshire reduces the town’s status.

“Staff members are obviously fearing the worse and we still have not heard anything from Carmarthenshire County Council since we wrote a letter back in August.

“The next step will be a demonstration which will take place on November 4.

Councillor Kevin Madge added:“I am challenging the county council to do a u-turn on both buildings when the report comes up on the executive board agenda next.

“If these jobs leave Ammanford, then they will be gone forever.”

During a full council meeting on September 20, Leader of Carmarthenshire County Council, Cllr Emlyn Dole said it was “too early to make assumptions about the use of Ammanford Town Hall and the former library building” after Cllr Madge asked him if the buildings were safe under his administration.

Cllr Dole said: “It will come to the executive board and after it has been discussed I will be free to answer questions.

“To date it hasn’t been discussed.”