CARMATHEN East and Dinefwr MP, Jonathan Edwards, has pledged to oppose every cut back on support for disabled people at the book launch of an Ammanford woman who wrote of her daughter’s struggle with Autism.

Denise Silva invited the Plaid Cymru politician to learn more about her family’s journey at the book launch of ‘Natalie: A Complicated Jigsaw.’

“Since being elected to parliament I have proudly opposed every single measure to cut back on support for the disabled in our society.

“At the book launch, I pledged to continue to do just that while also ensuring that those who need additional support receive everything that they deserve,” he said.

Denise explained his support is a far cry from recent disability cuts which have reversed decades of progress.

“We’re really pleased that Jonathan pledged to continue to support young people and their families in light of the Governments changes to disability benefits,” said Denise.

The cuts which came in to play in April saw the ESA (Employment Support Allowance) drop by £29.50 a week in Wales, affecting families like Denise and Natalie most.

In the book, Denise writes about some of the struggles that she overcame while caring for her autistic daughter Natalie alongside merry anecdotes about their day to day life.

At one point Natalie asks Denise whether she will be unhappy when she goes to heaven, Denise tells Natalie that she won’t be because she will be able to sing alongside Freddie Mercury.

“But Mum... you can’t sing!” Natalie replied.

Denise has said: “The aim of the book is to inspire other parents and to offer an insight in the complex issues faced by young people on the Autistic Spectrum.”

Natalie developed a hyperactive disorder which led to countless hours in A&E, before she started to display Autistic Spectrum traits which included inappropriate comments.

Concerned about her daughter being overlooked, Denise insisted on a second opinion and finally received a long-awaited diagnosis.

“It is difficult to truly understand the challenges faced by those on the autism spectrum and the families who support their loved ones with some of the struggles they can face,” said Mr Edwards.

The book ‘Natalie: A Complicated Jigsaw’ is available at College Street Books, Ammanford and also online at