WORK has begun to transform a community centre into a huge creative hub.

The town of Cwmaman is set to become home to Wales’ most rural Maker’s Space, by as soon as the end of the year.

The makeover of Cwmaman Community Centre will also see it house a newly refurbished Community Café, Information Hub, Volunteering Hub and Technology Hub.

The Maker’s Space will be a dedicated space for the public to create and produce artwork, craft and more contemporary products.

The centre will have a range of brand new equipment, such as a ceramics kiln, vinyl cutter, 3D printers, vacuum former, woodworking tools and much more.

Leading the project is Cwmaman Town Council’s Community Development Officer, Rob Venus.

Rob said: “This will be a space where anyone, no matter their age or background, can come and get creative.

“We have ensured that the tools here will let people create anything they want to.

“There are tools for someone to make their own remote control car, and for someone else to learn to knit.

“It’s up to them what they want to learn to do.”

Clubs and classes, aimed at allowing full access to school aged pupils, students and adults, will be run during the day, evenings, weekends and during school holidays.

The Community Cafe will provide a means of healthy, affordable eating and a space for the public to meet, be involved in cooking classes and use the internet. The cafe will also be home to workshops, networking events and support services.

The Information Hub will provide laptops and PCs so every resident can access online services. The Volunteering Hub will allow the community to become involved in opportunities in a range of positions.

Finally, the Technology Hub will provide classes and clubs for people to learn code and see digital creations come to life.

The centre is already open for Makers’ Space membership requests, bookings, classes and anyone interested in volunteering. Anyone interested can get involved at

The project has been funded by the EU and Welsh Government scheme ‘Rural Communities Development Fund.’