Two travel lovers are calling on rugby fanatics to get involved in a trip of a lifetime.

Eric Holliday and Peter Rees-Jones have set up an initiative which will see anyone with knowledge of rugby sharing it with those playing at grassroots level in India, Sri Lanka and China.

The pair, who own travel operator NEI UK Ltd in Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen, set up the International Rugby Coaching Initiative (IRCI) to leave a legacy in some of the countries they have enjoyed travelling to for the last 25 years.

Peter said they have set up the not-for-profit community interest company to help Welsh people teach under privileged kids in India to improve their lives.

“The initiative takes street kids to the very wealthy, puts them together and gets them playing rugby.

“These are people who would never normally meet or have any interaction normally, but through rugby, they are forming some great friendships,” Peter said.

As well as providing a basis for social change, the initiative is producing some very good players.

“We’ve had teams from all over Asia asking for the players we have taught.”

The problem the two rugby enthusiasts have come across now however, is that there are so many children wanting to take part and not enough coaches to teach them.

“This is where we are looking for anyone who loves rugby to help us out by volunteering as a coach.

“It is open to current and former coaches, players, spectators - anyone who knows the game well and can teach kids from 5 to 15 how to play,” Peter explained.

The initiative has taken two years to set up and now they just need some willing volunteers.

“There are several options for paying for flights and accommodation.

“The trip can be fully funded by local businesses who have sponsored the initiative, you can fundraise yourself, or, if you are in a position to, you can pay the costs yourself.

“We wanted to ensure there were different options because we want this to be open to anyone, no matter their financial position.

“If you want to do it, we will ensure you can.”

Peter recommends a minimum of two weeks spent volunteering, and volunteers can spend as long as they like coaching beyond that.

“We’re also looking for businesses or individuals to sponsor the trips so people who can’t afford to go themselves will still be able to have this experience.”

Peter and Eric are very excited to get people out to Asia coaching rugby. “We could not ignore the voices of those overseas who are clearly dedicated to the game of rugby and the chance to help them improve the playing skills of local youngsters who are already spending much of their time playing rugby. At the same time this helps rugby’s development in countries where it is still relatively unknown.”