SOME 82 per cent of recreation assets on Carmarthenshire County Council’s transfer list have either been transferred, or are progressing.

Town and community councils across the county have been taking ownership of facilities in their areas.

Executive board member for assets Cllr David Jenkins said 42 per cent had been completed; 39.5 per cent were in process of being transferred; and no expression of interest had been received for the remaining 18.5 per cent.

A grant of double the annual maintenance cost was offered to those organisations that had expressed an interest, with the grant reducing month by month from April 2017 and stopping completely for those not completed by April 2018.

In Llandeilo, the town council has taken over Penlan Park, a traditional facility complete with Edwardian bandstand, and Parc Le Conquet which has a playground, tennis courts and bowling green.

Llandeilo Town Council expressed an interest in transfer of the assets when it was first offered by the county council in 2014.

After looking at the figures and feasibility of taking over the parks, the council carried out a public consultation, delivering individual letters to each home in the town.

There was an overwhelming response with 88 per cent of those responding wholeheartedly supporting the idea.

Llandeilo Fawr Town Council asset transfer team chair Cllr Edward Thomas said: “We have fully taken over Penlan Park and are operating Parc Le Conquet on a licence basis.

“As soon as we get the full approval of the charity commissioners we will be in a position to take over Parc Le Conquet.

“The town council will use the grant monies from Carmarthenshire County Council to install a new children’s playground, better lighting and CCTV.

“Llandeilo people have already noticed the difference and are proud that their parks are being looked after by Llandeilo people.

“The process is long and sometimes fraught but both councils are working together to achieve the best for the people of Llandeilo. My advice to other councils is ‘don’t be afraid just do it’.”

Cllr Jenkins added: “Unfortunately, the county council can no longer continue to maintain all its assets, and the decision was taken some time ago to offer parks, playgrounds and amenity areas for transfer.

“Asset transfer has been very successful in some areas such as Llandeilo where local people are already seeing the benefits of it.”