SAFETY warnings at a quarry where a teenager died five years ago have been ignored.

Police warned the public of the dangers of swimming in quarries earlier this month, but the warnings have fallen on deaf ears.

Sometime between 9am on Monday, July 31 and 3pm on Thursday, August 3, damage was caused to the fence at Cilyrychen Quarry, Llandybie.

Police urged people not to enter Cilyrychen Quarry at Llandybie as what may seem like harmless fun can put youngsters in real danger.

PC John Hill said: “Youngsters are at risk of drowning in deep, cold water, falling down sheer faces and being buried in sand stockpiles or quicksands.

“Police are urging young people to consider the consequences.”

PC Oliver West said despite the warning, people are still trying to gain access.

Five years ago, on June 6, 2012, Luke Somerfield, a Tre-Gib School pupil, was with three friends when he got into difficulty in the quarry’s freezing water.

He was pulled from the water by rescue teams but died that day in Morriston Hospital.

Luke’s parents David and Kim set up the Luke Somerfield Memorial Trust after his death.

The charity aims to advance the lives of young people in Carmarthenshire by providing advice and organising programmes of physical and educational activities.

The charity also teaches water safety awareness and potential life saving skills in the hopes that it will prevent another tragedy such as Luke’s from happening.

Cilyrychen Quarry at Llandybie is private property, and is off limits to the public.

Police and quarry management conduct regular patrols of the site to keep the public safe.

Andrew Sainty, quarry manager at Lafarge Tarmac, said “I would like to take this opportunity to ask parents to be mindful of where their children are at evenings, weekends and during holidays, especially during hot weather, when children look to play in water.”

PC John Hill, Ammanford Police said “I can’t stress enough the dangers and risks at this site.

“I urge people to consider the consequences of entering the quarry and the water; there are a number of hazards including sheer faces and deep cold water.

“Please, just keep out.”

A police spokesperson said quarries are dangerous places, filled with visible and hidden dangers and they are often in hard to reach areas.

The water can look inviting, but is very cold and deep, and even experienced swimmers can suddenly find themselves in difficulty.

PC West said: “We and quarry management are conducting regular patrols of the site to keep the public safe.”

Anyone who has information about the damage to the quarry’s fence asked to contact Ammanford Police on 101.