“On one occasion, I remember being informed by my brother that I should witness dad’s new invention, and I knew instantly, in light of his recent spontaneous bursts, that I was about to see something a little different.

“While opening the door of the toilet shed, where I was told I’d find this concept, a boxlike structure, stuck to the wall beside the toilet was instantly obvious.

“Resembling what looked like a biscuit tin with three holes, I studied it for a moment, fascinated, before I continued to remove its lid, which revealed three little tea-light candles in a row.

“Dad’s head protruded through the small gap in the window he let the smoke out from his cigarettes.

“He shouted: ‘What the hell are you doing to my shed?’

“Trying not to laugh, I explained that I was interested in his invention, and asked what it was.

“It’s a toilet roll warmer, what does it look like?” he said.

This is an exert from Huw Alden Davies’ book ‘Scaffold to the Moon’ - a photography documentary book which tells of the life and musings of his father John Alden Davies, known as ‘Prince’.

Prince, from Tumble, has been a constant source of anecdotes all of Huw’s life, and now the photographer has decided to publish a collection of photographs and writings, chronicling the life of his unique father.

Huw said: “There is nothing that prepares you for the sense of wonder that is Prince.

“He was quiet about the project at the start but now he’s become almost a collaborator on it.

He definitely plays up to it a bit now.”

Huw’s project started two years ago when he photographed his father’s invention in the outside toilet and he has been taking photos and writing about him ever since.

Now, Huw is trying to raise the funds to produce the book, print it and shipping it when it’s ready.

He is using Kickstarter for his fundraising campaign.

Kickstarter is an online platform which helps artists, filmmakers, and other creators find the resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality.

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