ONE of the UK’s oldest cinemas has won an award for its excellence.

Brynaman Public Hall and Cinema has been awarded the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence.

The award honours hospitality businesses that deliver consistently great service.

The cinema celebrated its 90th birthday last year, and staff are delighted the celebrations are continuing after receiving the award.

The cinema’s development officer Tom Smith said everyone at the cinema is very grateful for all the positive reviews they have received.

Tom said: “People have left us a string of really wonderful reviews.

“Every single one of them is positive.

“We really appreciate people taking the time to leave us reviews - and look where it has got us.”

Brynaman Cinema tries to keep the cinema experience as authentic as possible for its guests.

“Everything about the cinema is so old-school.

“We try to give our visitors the ‘real’ cinema experience.

“We have intervals in the middle of films with staff selling ice cream, sweets and snacks, just like back in the day, before the cinema experience was Americanised,” Tom said.

Brynaman Public Hall and Cinema is run solely by volunteers

The independent Amman Valley public hall first opened its doors in 1920 where weekly contributions were deducted from the miner’s’ wagers to build the hall and subsequently to run it.

The opening ceremony was held on May 15, 1926, and the cinema started showing silent films until the talkies came along in the 1930’s.

One of the cinemas most famous staff members is chairman and former cinema manager Brian Harries, who has been involved with the cinema for over 50 years, began work as a projectionist in Cwmllynfell when he is just 15.

Over the decades, Brynaman Cinema has expanded from one screen to two screens and now even premieres new blockbusters, holds midnight screenings and shows films in 3D.

The cinema also holds silver screen sessions on Thursday mornings to allow elderly people watch up-to-date films and old favourites without leaving the house in the evenings.