A Brynaman-born woman has dedicated her new role as a sight loss charity volunteer to her late mother.

Rhian Jones, who now lives in Barry but originally from Brynaman, volunteers for Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) Cymru as a Welsh speaking studio reader.

Rhian reduced her working hours and was looking for ways to use her spare time and chose voluntary work.

She said: “In her later years my mother suffered sight loss and I remember her distress at no longer being able to read, so I looked up the RNIB website to see if there was any way I could help others who also have poor sight.

“I’ve now been a volunteer for about two years and my role involves reading a huge variety of reading materials, both in English and Welsh. I have read children’s books, adult books and magazines covering a wide range of interests

“I enjoy the opportunity to read materials that I may not normally read and it is certainly broadening my horizons. I also enjoy visiting the Cardiff office and learning more about the work of the RNIB and making new friends along the way.”

The former teacher hopes that her role in the charity benefits people across the country.

“I hope my role is making a difference to people who cannot access one of the greatest joys of life – being able to gain information or merely relax and enjoy the written word.

“As a former teacher, I know the joy experienced by young children when they first become readers, and I hope I’m enabling blind and partially sighted people to experience that same joy.

“I get a sense of satisfaction of a job well done when we have recorded a book or magazine.

“It makes me feel that I have not wasted away my spare time, but that I have used some of my leisure time in doing something productive; a very satisfying feeling.

“I have also gained a greater understanding of the challenges faced by blind and partially sighted people in a world which is more and more dependent upon being able to read, for example road signs, bus timetables and menus in restaurants. I hope this understanding has made me a more tolerant, caring person.”

If you are interested in volunteering for RNIB Cymru click on rnib.org.uk/volunteering