Amman Valley residents have once again asked the county council why they continue to wait for a crossing on a busy Glanaman road.

Worried residents have lobbied for a crossing in Grenig Square for over 30 years and last year the local authority announced it had won its safe routes to school funding bid from the Welsh Government.

The funding would see a crossing at Grenig as well as safety measures on Folland Road and Ysgol y Bedol.

Back in January the county council’s executive board member for environment, Councillor Hazel Evans said the council is “confident” that the works “will be completed by the end of March deadline.”

However with the end of the month looming residents have seen little sign of work at Grenig square.

One resident, Gordon Jones, who once witnessed a death in Grenig, said he was left angry when he saw the work begin on the Garnant phase of the project.

He said: "Why are the people of Grenig still waiting? we have called for this long before Garnant or even Ammanford with their new crossing near Wilko.

"Why are the children's safety in Glanaman worth less than those in Ammanford and Garnant?"

Community Councillor Emyr Jenkins said he fully supported the parents and residents of the Grenig and surrounding area.

He added: “People are crying out for a crossing, we all know it’s coming but why is Glanaman being put on hold once again?”

Responding, Cllr Hazel Evans said: “The works are to be completed in Folland Road by our framework contractor before we start in Grenig Road. We can assure residents that funding is in place to undertake the work which we are committed to commence in the coming weeks.

“The works on Grenig Square have had to be sent out to an external contractor due to workload pressures, whereas the crossing has been kept in-house. It's also a much more complicated scheme compared to a road crossing as it involves signalling and junction design.”