FRIGHTENING footage of a school boys near miss with a car outside Ysgol Tycroes has been used as part of a road safety campaign.

The video shows a car being driven slowly along Pontarddulais Road and suddenly the driver has to hit the brakes as a child runs out onto the road without looking.

The video was published by GoSafe Wales as part of a week-long “20mph outside Schools” campaign which starts on Monday, October 10.

Police Sargent Ian Price, who is leading the campaign in the Dyfed-Powys region, said: “We want motorists to be aware of vulnerable road users, and this campaign will hopefully highlight that speed limits such as 20mph limits are there for a reason.

“We received some video footage recently from a school in Carmarthenshire, where a pupil ran into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

“Thankfully the driver was travelling at a speed where he was able to stop, but it does demonstrate that motorists need to be aware of this issue.”

GoSafe are committed to reduction of casualities on Welsh roads, and conduct regular campaigns in 20mph zones in order to influence the behaviour of motorists.

Chris Hume, Partnership Manager at GoSafe said: “Our continued focus on 20 mph limits around schools is part of our commitment to safer communities, and to protect the most vulnerable road users; our children.

“20 mph speed limits are a routine part of everyday driving now, but we still see flagrant discard of those limits, particularly at key times such as when children are going to and from schools.

“We want the support of all drivers, and we want compliance with 20 mph limits to become the norm. Our aim is for everyone in Wales to understand the effects that those exceeding the 20mph limit can have on family and friends.”

Inspector Lee Ford, the officer in charge of the campaign said: “While the vast majority of drivers respect the 20mph speed limits, there still remain a number of motorists who do not.

“During this campaign you will see speed reduction officers and police officers across Wales providing reassurance to schools and their communities in being visible at key times of the day. I ask that the public support this campaign and help make our roads safer.”