While world leaders have spent the day in Newport discussing the fate of nations, two Ammanford seamen have been busying themselves ahead of a dinner for the international delegates at Cardiff Docks.

Chief Petty Officer Mathew Fuge and Petty Officer Jamie Phillips both serve aboard HMS Duncan, where NATO leaders will spend this evening as part of the two-day summit.

HMS Duncan arrived at dock on Tuesday afternoon and was followed by ships from a host of NATO nations.

Warship HMS Duncan is the Royal Navy's newest Type 45 Destroyer.

HMS Duncan was built in Glasgow at a cost of the £1bn ship seven years ago and was launched in 2010. It went into service last year and will be deployed in 2015.

The HMS Duncan was a hive of activity on Wednesday as the crew prepared to host 28 world leaders for dinner on Thursday.

A team of between 12 and 15 chefs normally work in the ship’s kitchen but on this occasion most of the food will be prepared on dry land before being brought on board amid rumours of a celebrity chef preparing the feast.

The main deck of the ship contains a hangar, which usually holds a 22-tonne Merlin helicopter like those flying over South Wales on Wednesday, but the hangar has been temporarily converted into a conference room.

The room will be linked up to a booth on the jetty where a team of translators will be hard at work.

The ship’s commanding officer, Commander Richard Atkinson, said: “As the newest operational warship in the Royal Navy we are proud to support this historic NATO summit.”

The ship can travel at 30 knots and could cross the Atlantic in five days.