A Llandeilo mum has slammed the vandals who leave broken glass in children’s play areas, saying she often feels it is unsafe for youngsters to use the facilities.

Emma O’Brian, a former Llandeilo’s CP school staff member, said she is often unwilling to take her two-year-old daughter Florence to Parc le Conquet,

Mrs O’Brian, aged 31, also felt that Carmarthenshire County Council’s asset transfer programme – which will see the park placed under the control of Llandeilo Town Council – has exacerbated the problem with mounds of rubbish piling up and facilities left unmaintained and unsuitable for children.

Mrs O’Brien posted a picture of the litter on the ‘Spotted Llandeilo’ Facebook page last month when the broken glass remained in the park despite her contacting the local authority.

Other Facebook users began posting pictures of smashed bottles in the park.

Council workers clean the park on Friday, but Mrs O’Brian was left unsatisfied.

“It was much cleaner, which seemed fantastic,” she said, “but on closer inspection, smashed glass still lay around the park’s edges and beneath the playing facilities.

“It’s too dangerous – a child playing there would have fallen directly on the glass. The park needs to be cleaned more regularly and thoroughly – it’s always the mums who have to clear up.”

Now, she is calling for a general renovation of the park’s facilities and repairs to incomplete swing sets and the damaged climbing frame and slide.

“The Council seems to be focusing on adult entertainment and the next generation are getting left behind,” she said. “The situation is out of hand.”

Carmarthenshire County Council’s executive board member for public protection, Councillor Jim Jones said: “Parks and playground equipment is regularly checked as part of a H&S requirement.

“Unfortunately, you can never legislate for random bad behaviour with people smashing glass or leaving other rubbish about inappropriately.

“This often happens in the night and often the first we know of such incidents is when they are reported, the following day.

“We would ask that if anyone sees vandalism or anything that might be perceived as dangerous in a public place like a playground they report it to the police and council call centre.”