Carmarthenshire county council leader Kevin Madge has called for the public to get behind Cwmaman town council’s bid to create a state-of-the-art multi sports area and splash pads feature at Garnant Park.

The council is in the process of applying for grant funding towards the facility to improve the dilapidated swimming pool and tennis courts, but wants residents to become vocal in their support.

Major bids have already been submitted, but councillors are to add letters of support to the grant applications.

Cllr Madge has called on community groups such as cylchs, playgroups, nurseries and schools, plus parents and business owners to put their support in writing to the town council’s Clerk David Davies to help boost the applications.

“Since the splash pads have been installed in Ammanford it has proved to be very popular,” said Cllr Kevin Madge. “We now look to mirror that success for the Amman Valley.

“Due to stringent cutbacks, the town council has not been in a position to pay for the improvements at the park, but with the help of grant funding, we will be able to improve the area significantly,” he added.

Cllr Madge says he understands improvements at the park are in high demand and that it has taken longer than hoped to deliver new facilities.

However, he is confident that should all the applications go ahead as planned, the new sports area and splash pads could be installed by summer 2015.

“Applying for grant funding takes time, and I thank the people of Cwmaman for their patience as the town council works through the process,” he said. “I’m hopeful that by next summer children will be benefitting from the excellent sporting facilities.”

Cwmaman mayor David Williams added: “We really need the public to get behind us. With their added support we can make the improvements the area so desperately needs.”

Send your letters of support to Cwmaman town council clerk David Davies, Cwmffrwd Farm, Llandeilo Road, Glanaman, SA18 2DZ.