LAST year’s Chair of Carmarthenshire County Council has presented two paintings from his personal collection to the County Museums Service.

Councillor Terry Davies has donated an original Valerie Ganz painting of three miners and a Bryan Hitchman artwork of miners and a train at a railway station.

Cllr Davies said: “I worked closely with Ann Dorsett for many years when she was with the County Museums Service and wanted to see more about the coal industry featured.

“I donated my collection of plates and paintings and obtained a grant and made a donation myself to make a short film not just about how coal is produced but the social side, choirs, soup kitchens and the Strike.

“I had left the Valerie Ganz painting to the Museum in my will and decided to give it now along with the Bryan Hitchman painting.”

County Museums Curator Gavin Evans said: “These paintings are a wonderful gift and we are very grateful to Cllr Davies. They are also a marvellous example of how our archives are built up mainly through donations with very few purchases.

“Cllr Davies has previously also donated his private collection of mining industry memorabilia, tools, and commemorative material.

“It was such a lovely donation we made a display.”