AN Ammanford charity shop celebrated its 25th birthday this week with a party to thank the community and volunteers who have supported them over the years.

Tenovus, on Quay Street, has been going since 1989 and Monday’s event was the perfect opportunity to congratulate four long-standing volunteers for their service to the shop since it opened.

At 89-years-old Val Jones is the oldest volunteer, who found it helped her through a difficult time, following the death of her husband.

“I enjoy every minute of it. I love coming to the shop and look forward to seeing all the customers. Volunteering has helped me personally after I became a widow,” said Val.

Another volunteer Shirley Jones, 69, started volunteering one day a week when the store opened in 1989, and since retiring continues to help out at the store.

“My dad died of bowel cancer, so the charity is very close to my heart,” she said.

Following two accidents, 76-year-old Jill Richards found volunteering at the store therapeutic.

“I enjoy talking to the customers, coming to volunteer has been a sort of therapy to me after my accidents,” she said.

Esme Davies, 81, said she would recommend becoming a volunteer at Tenovus to anyone.

“I love coming into the store, it has changed over the years, but the people are the same, always friendly and my colleagues are fantastic to work with.”

The shop has seen many items come and go over the years, but one item really stuck in the mind of Shirley Jones.

“One of the strangest items someone brought in was a toilet seat insert.

“It was incredibly clean, and it sold, but it did give us a giggle,” she laughed.

Ammanford Mayor Jonathan Jennings, presented the four ladies with a bouquet of flowers and a cake to celebrate the occasion.

“What these ladies have achieved is nothing less than amazing; the charity shop has a very good team and work together very well.

“All the volunteers do amazing work for Tenovus – long may it continue,” he said.

Store manager Teresa Davies added, “I would like to thank the ladies for their dedication to the charity.

“Special thanks also to our dedicated customers over the years.”

Tenovus are always looking for more volunteers. If you would like to join the team, just pop into the store on Quay Street for a chat.