AN AMMANFORD grandfather is continuing his fight for traffic-calming measures on Pantyffynnon Road after a vehicle was caught travelling at 68mph.

Alfred Broome, whose grandchildren frequently visit the playground near Parcyrhun estate, fears that a child may be run down if action isn’t taken by Carmarthenshire County Council soon.

Mr Broome’s fears grew following the news that Ammanford town councillor Deian Harries had accompanied the police and local pupils on a speed gun exercise where a motorist was caught approaching 68mph.

“I’ve been fighting this cause for over a year now. I think it’s time the council take another look at the road because this has become a serious issue,” said Mr Broome.

He also believes disabled access to the park needs to be improved.

“There is currently no disabled crossing — wheelchair users have to dismount and travel on the road before mounting the other side,” he said. “This is extremely dangerous if cars are travelling at high speeds.”

Mr Broome has now taken his fight directly to MP Jonathan Edwards, who has written to the council’s head of transport expressing the need for traffic-calming measures.

“I know local councillor Deian Harries held a very useful exercise recently with school pupils and the police in which the children measured the speed of cars and told motorists directly about the potential consequences of going over the limit,” he added.

“I’ve expressed the views of local residents to the council that traffic-calming measures should be installed in the area to protect all who use the road.”

John McEvoy, Carmarthenshire County Council’s traffic manager, has now pledged to refer concerns about speeding at Pantyffynnon to the multi-agency Speed Management Group for Carmarthenshire, which comprises Dyfed Powys Police, the Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership and the county council.

“The request for a new controlled pedestrian crossing will be investigated in accordance with the council’s criteria for new pedestrian crossings,” said Mr McEvoy.